Waterfowl Hunting on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
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Welcome to BAYDOGS Waterfowl

BAYDOGS WATERFOWL provides a unique waterfowling experience that can only be encountered on the Chesapeake Bay.  This historic region has a rich tradition in waterfowling and a hunting trip with BAYDOGS WATERFOWL offers encounters with different species of waterfowl such as Canada Geese, Seaducks including Surf Scoters, Common Scoters, White Wing Scoters and Old Squaw, Puddle Ducks and Diving Ducks to include Bluebills and Canvasbacks. 

Captain TJ Sanner created BAYDOGS WATERFOWL in 2010 to provide a hunting experience like no other. Our potential guests range from the seasoned waterfowler looking to harvest a certain species of waterfowl all the way to the first time waterfowler that has a desire to experience wingshooting for the first time. 

Maryland's famous Chesapeake Bay is a natural wonder with endless opportunities in waterfowling.  This area boasts both the home to The Decoy Capital of the world in Harve de Grace, Maryland and the Goose Capital of the world located in Easton, Maryland.  It is our hope to let you experience this epicenter for waterfowl first hand.

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