Waterfowl Hunting on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
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The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a native breed to the Chesapeake Bay region, as well as the “state dog” of Maryland.  It was made famous for its retrieving ability in the harshest conditions of the Chesapeake Bay.  During the Chesapeake Bay Market Gunning Era these dogs made hundreds of retrieves in a single day then became “guard” of the cart  and day’s harvest upon return to market.

ChesShores Sanner’s Heave Ho aka “Tug” is a brown Chesapeake who has proven himself in the field countless times retrieving all types of waterfowl from seaducks to Canada Geese.  He currently is titled a Junior Hunter and needs only one more pass to earn his Senior Hunter title, which we hope to earn this fall or the following spring.  Capt TJ Sanner has trained Tug since he was a pup and continues to improve and expand his retrieving skills.  Tug is a friendly companion and watching him retrieve will surely be a memorable component of your time with us on the Bay.

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